Saint Paul: Hockey, Beer & History

Saint Paul, Minnesota’s capital city, boasts an eclectic mix of hockey, beer and history.  Self proclaimed as the State of Hockey, Saint Paul is home to the Minnesota Wild of the National Hockey League, several collegiate tournaments and the nations largest high school hockey tournament.

Recently, the city’s craft beer scene has exploded with more than 20 craft breweries opening throughout the Twin Cities area.  Summit Brewing is the city’s flagship craft brewer having opened in 1986 but several new breweries including Urban Growler, Tin Whiskers and Burning Brothers have opened in the last six months.

Speaking of beer, Saint Paul has a storied past including a prominent gangster era in the 1930’s that saw the likes of John Dillinger, Alvin “Creepy” Karpis and Ma Barker in the capital city.  Gangster were protected under the “O’Connor System” – named after the police chief at the time.  While the gangster era eventually ended, there are plenty of sites around town to explore this storied past.

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