Saint Paul

Saint Paul – home of 3M (you know, Post-It Notes), a gangster history that includes police shootouts with John Dillinger, the cutting edge CoCo space that brings together people and ideas and most recently the world’s largest Lite Brite display, confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records.  I bet you’ve never seen Post-it Notes and Lite Brite in the same sentence, but that’s just the beginning of what Saint Paul has to offer.

You want architecture?  How about the longest stretch of preserved Victorian architecture in the United States on Summit Avenue?  Or the Cass Gilbert designed State Capitol, modeled after Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome and home of the second largest unsupported marble dome in the world.   Besides historic buildings, of which 104 are on the National Register of Historic Places, we also have the Historic Lowertown District which was added to the register in 1983 and has recently become a bustling hub of restaurants, pubs, outdoor concerts and a soon to be built minor league ball park.

While our many historic buildings didn’t exactly embrace sustainability back in the early 1900’s, Saint Paul has recently become geeky about going green.  From solar panels on our parking lots, attractions and convention center to electric car hookups, green definitely means GO in Saint Paul.  Buildings on both sides of the Mississippi River are heated and cooled by the District Energy Co-Gen plant and composting programs are set up throughout the city.  We also have Nice Ride – a bike sharing program that will get you around town for $6 a day.

Iconic brands?  I’m sure you’ve heard of Target or Best Buy?  Both of these billion dollar companies trace their first stores to Saint Paul.  Additionally, 3M, JW Hulme (check their bags out at Barney’s in New York) and Pearson’s Candy all call Saint Paul home.

Naturally, Saint Paul is the capital city of the headwaters state of the Mississippi River.  That’s a fancy way of saying the most iconic river in the United States runs right through our city.   We have more miles of Riverfront – 26 – than any other city on the entire stretch of the river.  Not to mention those miles of riverfront are lined with biking trails and eagle’s nests.  You might say we are a city with nature.  And we could provide you a photo gallery as wide, deep and long as the Mississippi River, itself.

Finally, it was the fifth floor of our iconic Landmark Center where Minnesota congressman Andrew Volstead led the local office of the Prohibition Bureau. If his name sounds familiar, there’s a good reason for that — he’s the fellow who wrote the prohibition act.  But that’s so 1919.  Now we can’t keep up with the number of new breweries opening throughout the city led by the hippest grandfather of the Saint Paul craft beer scene – Summit Brewing.

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